Jennifer Castle – Crying Shame (single)

Canadian songwriter Jennifer Castle and her undeniable greatness are still pretty well kept secrets in this corner of the world. I haven’t helped the cause either, because I’ve only known her music for some years. Actually a reader of this little blog first introduced her to me by saying that Pink City is his/her favorite album of the year 2014. I can’t remember who it was, but I’m grateful because the name got stuck in my mind and eventually I bought the downloads of Pink City and Castlemusic and found them both rather amazing. So thanks for helping out a music blogger who always struggle to find the good stuff. Anyway, fast forward to 2018 and it’s finally time to start praising Jennifer Castle on these pages. Her new album Angels of Death is due out May 18, 2018 on Paradise of Bachelors (USA/Europe) and Idée Fixe (Canada). The first excellent outtake Crying Shame from the forthcoming album is now out and available. Sounds so good and I can’t wait to hear more in a few months.

Jennifer Castle Website

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