Evan Cheadle – Chasing Shadows

Evan Cheadle just released a new EP Chasing Shadows and it’s a rather special treasure if you have any interest towards things like psychedelic folk and baroque pop. And well who doesn’t. I’m all in and I’m thinking of re-subscribing the Shindig! Magazine while listening to this. I already really enjoyed the Make Your Way album I purchased a year or two ago, but I suppose in a way that was a rough sketch of brilliance and Chasing Shadows is the actual brilliance. On the new EP, his folk and country blues songs have taken further strides towards psych folk and baroque pop and the beautiful arrangements add a new charming layer to the music. Chasing Shadows was produced by Ryan Boldt (The Deep Dark Woods) and it’s now out and available on Big White Cloud Records.

Evan Cheadle Website

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