Clint Michigan – Centuries

Sorry for the lack of action. I’ve been busy mastering the art of being stressed out and for no apparent reason. I have a wife and a cat and I love them and they love me back. That foundation is what matters to me and there’s no sane explanation why do I keep on creating a crisis out of things that in the end are just trivial. Thankfully music is a shoulder that keeps me from falling down to the ground. Lately it has been the new Clint Michigan album Centuries that has played a part in carrying me through the self-created dark and given me some reprieve from the stressful worthless anxieties of the everyday life. I suppose that might be a little weird thing to say, because Centuries is a dark and melancholic folk album where Clint Asay tackles his own struggles, addictions and insecurities. However, he does it all in such a beautiful and moving manner that in the end all that underlying sadness turns into something quite comforting and reassuring. Life can be hard and even good people can make bad decisions, but it’s also possible to find a way to cope with them. Part of Clint’s recovery from his struggles probably was to create this poignant, humane and open album that leaves a lasting impression. Part of mine is to write this little blog about the music that mean the world to me. Centuries fall into that category.

Centuries came out on Kiam Records on the 27th of April. This is the new animated music video for album outtake Shirt Off.

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