Izaak Opatz – Got To Me Since & Courtney Marie Andrews – Took You Up

A quick video post with a couple of future classics from the Mama Bird vaults. First we have a new video from Izaak Opatz whose excellent album Mariachi Static will be reissued by Mama Bird Recording Co on the 20th of July. This one definitely deserves a reissue, because it’s a damn good album that flew under the radar in 2017. I first heard about it when songwriting wizard and a man with great taste Andrew Combs had it on his top 10 for the year (Spotify playlist curating champion Songpickr posted the list back in December or January). I instantly loved it and bought the download and I’ve had it on heavy rotation ever since. Here’s the new music video for album opener Got To Me Since.

Izaak Opatz Website

Moving on to one of my favorite songs and albums of the year so far. Took You Up is a phenomenal outtake from the new Courtney Marie Andrews album May Your Kindness Remain that was co-released by Mama Bird, Fat Possum and Loose earlier in the year. Here’s the new music video for the song.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

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