Rachel Angel – Not Enough (EP) + Gold Flake Paint

Tom is making the rest of us look bad. Besides running the finest music blog on the planet, he also started a record label Human Noise Records. Just joking about the making bad part of course. I am actually inspired by his productivity and do hope I learn to stop wasting my time on worthless nonsense and find similar courage to follow my dreams. In case you are not familiar with the music magazine Gold Flake Paint, I highly recommend checking it out. I think it might well the best music site there is at the moment. The level of writing and the significance of it can match the level of any bigger publication and every article still contains a labour of love spirit. So if you think of big media outlets and music blogs, Gold Flake Paint kinda captures the best of both worlds and by doing that the value of it rises through the roof.

The first signing of Human Noise Records is Brooklyn-based songwriter Rachel Angel. The digital only EP Not Enough came out on the 27th of April and it’s very beautiful release where indie rock and americana gently collides. A bit like Angel Olsen, Hand Habits or maybe even solo Rose Melberg, but let’s not get too far into the pointless namedropping. Here’s wonderful In Low from the brand new EP. You can hear/buy the whole gorgeous release at Bandcamp.

Rachel Angel at Facebook
Gold Flake Paint Website

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