Randolph’s Leap & Planes on Paper – Television

I followed Scottish folk-pop maestros Randolph’s Leap quite closely in the beginning of their career, but had lost touch a little bit. Thankfully their latest album Worryingly Okay caught my ear a week ago. It was released on the 25th of May by Lost Map Records. Here’s the music video for the gorgeous and poignant album closer Television.

Randolph’s Leap Website

Planes on Paper released their debut album Edge Markings on the 1st of June. They are a folk duo from the state of Washington and their video song is also called Television. If two wonderful albums that came out a week apart have such similarity, my super clever move is obviously to showcase them on this same blog entry. So here’s Planes on Paper’s take on the subject matter. Ok, in the end this might be more about us than that box in the corner. Well actually so is Randolph’s Leap song. Great songs and great albums. I highly recommend listening to these records instead of watching the television, but whatever feels good.

Planes on Paper Website

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