Michael Feuerstack – Natural Weather, Claude Munson – The Silence Came After & Isaac Vallentin – Amateur

A small trip to Canada on these current round-up posts of things that have mattered to me during the last months.

First we have the new Michael Feuerstack album Natural Weather that came out on Forward Music Group on the 25th of May. It’s beautiful, inspiring and heartwarming. Instantly enjoyable, but also continues to reveal more and more about the songs (and in some magical way about the listener too) with each listening session. Sometimes filled with sadness, always filled with heart. This is the album opener Love Is All Around.

Michael Feuerstack Website

Next up is Claude Munson from Ottawa whose persuasive new album The Silence Came After came out on the 18th of May. Maybe his impressionistic folk is not the closest match with my taste, but somehow I was immediately hooked when I heard this song Saluted By The Light Outside. Such a sad and beautiful song and the whole album is equally intriquing and rewarding.

Claude Munson Website

Last gathering on this little Canadian tour of sophisticated folk and pop music will be held in the comfort of the new Isaac Vallentin album Amateur. It’s a very ambitious and artistic pop album that doesn’t play it safe. Therefore it might even step out of my comfort zone a couple of times, but it’s not an issue. Better to be somewhat unique than somewhat boring (I should take that back though, because I currently hold the lead in the most boring man in the universe race). A song or two reminds me a bit of Andy Shauf. Anyway, let’s stop this nonsense blog entry by being Loudest in the Universe.

Isaac Vallentin Website

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