Austin Lucas, Clay Parker and Jodi James & Aaron Lee Tasjan

The first half of 2018 gave us a lot of great music and the latter half isn’t looking any worse. Here’s a quick look of three albums that I’m extremely excited about.

First there’s the new Austin Lucas album Immortal Americans that is due out August 17th on Cornelius Chapel Records (who are having a really strong year btw, Caleb Caudle and Will Stewart albums are some of my favourites of the year and the one song I’ve heard from Leon III was really good as well). I love Austin Lucas and I’m sure this new album is going to be special. The first outtake from the forthcoming album that Austin co-produced with Will Johnson is this gorgeous title track Immortal Americans.

Austin Lucas Website

Next up is the new Clay Parker and Jodi James album The Lonesomest Sound that Can Sound that will be released on the 20th of July. I’ve had the chance to hear this and I absolute love this. In fact, it’s been the album that I’ve listened to by far the most during the past month and I can’t get enough of it. I was really into the Clay Parker solo Queen City Blues last year and if possible this one is is even better, because it has the both of them singing together in perfect harmony. Oh my how I could listen to Jodi and Clay sing together all day long. This will be their year.

Oh and bonus points for the fact that I actually first heard them singing together at the great Couch by Couchwest festival and I’ve been following them since that day. Oh how great way that was to find new music, if you were into things like americana, folk and country. Anyway, here’s an old video of a great song Gallows Tree that will also be on the new album. More about Clay and Jodi when the albums hits the stores and our hearts on the 20th of July.

Clay Parker and Jodi James Website

And last but not least, there’s a new Aaron Lee Tasjan album on the horizon. Karma For Cheap will be released by New West Records on the 31st of August. Check out the first outtake If Not Now When from the forthcoming album below and start counting days to the release. ALT also has a new weekly Spotify playlist called Karma Jukebox. I recommend that as well, because besides being an excellent songwriter and musician, he is always recommending and sharing music from other artists and I love that. He is a good guy and has a good taste and I’ve picked a few based on his recommendations. Like the excellent Harrison Whitford album early in the year.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website

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