Turner Cody – The Wee Wee Hours & John Calvin Abney – Always Enough

A small video post before it’s time to focus on football for the rest of the day. A long time favourite Turner Cody from New York has a new album called The Duke of Decline coming out sometime later this year I would assume. I’m not sure exactly when and failed in my search to find out. However, the first outtake and music video The Wee Wee Hours is already out and available and it’s a great song once again. Here’s the music video that was directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos.

Turner Cody Website

There’s also a new John Calvin Abney music video out there. This time it’s for a song called Always Enough and it was directed by Bobby Dean Orcutt. Always Enough is the album opener of his excellent 2018 album Coyote that came out the 18th of May on Black Mesa Records.

John Calvin Abney Website

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