David Myhr, Sloan & The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness

Continuing with the quick round-up posts as a vacation activity. So much great music out there for one dude with a day job and I badly failed to feature all the cool stuff during the spring. This time I have some excellent pop songs for you, because hey it’s summer and everything and what could be a better way to spend it than go outdoors and listen to the finest kind of melodic pop treasures that 2018 has given so far.

First up is the new David Myhr album Lucky Day that came out 18th of May on Lojinx. Back in the 90s, David Myhr and Anders Hellgren had this band called The Merrymakers that released a couple of classic pop albums. That was the time in history when the Swedes ruled the pop world. Nothing to take away from ABBA, but hey it ain’t no Popsicle, The Merrymakers or The Wannadies. But enough with the blast from the past. David Myhr is super relevant in 2018 and his new sophomore solo album Lucky Day is a treasure for fans of pop melodies, sweet harmonies and catchy arrangements. David Myhr co-wrote songs with other pop maestros like Brad Jones, Linus Of Hollywood and Bleu, so the album has a bit of an “all-stars” cast at least for the ones who spent an early adulthood in the power pop circles like I did. Here’s the latest music video for album outtake My Negative Friend.

David Myhr Website

One of my all-time favourite bands Canadian Sloan also has a new album out on Yep Roc. It was released in early April and it’s kind of criminal that it took me this long to mention it. I suppose there’s no harm done, because I think it’s fairly obvious that I love the band and everything that they release. 12 is indeed the 12th Sloan album and the band has been continuously magnificent throughout all these years. I have all twelve and I like each and everyone of them. All might not be stone cold classics (and some definitely are), but even the ”worst” ones are pretty damn good. 12 is another gorgeous addition to the Sloan discography. Here’s the opener Spin Our Wheels from the new album.

Sloan Website

And finally a song that’s maybe a little more obscure, but still one of my favourite pop songs of the year. I don’t know anything about The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, but I wouldn’t even be surprised, if the band members turn out to be people that I already know. At least they’ve been listening to the same music as I have, because this song Nervous Man is kind of like the foundation of my music taste in one song. There’s a beautiful pop melody, sweet vocals with harmonies and that lovely Scottish pop jangle. What’s not to love. I think there’s a seven inch single out sometime soon on the Spanish Pretty Olivia Records.

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness at Facebook

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