OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #2

Last week I started this new weekly playlist feature. Kind of just trying to share a bit more music and keep the blog alive. Even when I don’t have time to write proper blog posts, I’m going to update this every Sunday from now on. At least doing this keeps myself on the loop with all the great new music that is being released. Maybe someone else too.

The big album releases for me this week were from Hawks and Doves (Kasey Anderson’s new band), Static Diary (solo album from Centro-Matic’s keyboardist Scott Danbom), Izaak Opatz (reissue on vinyl by Mama Bird Recording Co), Cody Jinks (one of the most anticipated country albums of 2018), Jason McNiff (UK americana singer-songwriter) and Tony Molina (really short and really great pop songs from Slumberland).

The list also revisits some of my earlier 2018 favourites like the awesome Clay Parker and Jodi James album and then there’s a bunch of new great singles from forthcoming albums. Some new finds too that have been out for a while, but I didn’t find them when they came out. I was so madly obsessed with that The Finks song this week.

Oh and credit when credit is due. Finding new music is a thing that we do together. Daniel Markham introduced me to Static Diary, Michael Feuerstack to Chris Velan and The Grey Estates / No Earbuds combo to the Gladie.

But enough with the pointless ramblings and it’s time to let Kristina Murray kick off this week’s playlist. Lovers & Liars is an outtake from her forthcoming album Southern Ambrosia that is one of my most anticipated releases of the coming months.

Dear 23 – OCTA Weekly Playlist Episode #2

1. Kristina Murray – Lovers & Liars (single, 2018)
2. Clay Parker and Jodi James – Every New Sky (The Lonesomest Sound That Can Sound, 2018)
3. Hawks and Doves – Bulletproof Hearts (For Laura Jane) (From A White House, Jullian Records, 2018)
4. Izaak Opatz – Everything (But One Thing) (Mariachi Static, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2018)
5. Static Diary – Phrase From Business (Static Diary, Goliad Media, 2018)
6. The Finks – Body Language (Rolly Nice, Milk! Records, 2018)
7. Jessica’s Brother – Humdinger (Jessica’s Brothers, 2018)
8. Valley Maker – Light On The Ground (single, Frenchkiss Records, 2018)
9. Chris Velan – All Time Record (single, 2018)
10. Tony Molina – Jasper’s Theme (Kill The Lights, Slumberland, 2018)
11. Pastis – Amazon (single, Stupido, 2018)
12. Gladie – 20/20 (single, 2018)
13. Claire Morales – All That Wanting (All That Wanting, 2018)
14. Babehoven – Out of This Country (single, Good Cheer Records, 2018)
15. Wax Mannequin – Someone Fixed The Game (Have A New Name, Coax Records, 2018)
16. Cody Jinks – Lifers (Lifers, Rounder Records, 2018)
17. Becky Warren – We’re All We Got (single, 2018)
18. Jason McNiff – Thoughts (Joy And Independence, At The Helm Records, 2018)
19. Holly Arrowsmith – Gardener (A Dawn I Remember, 2018)
20. Erin Rae – Putting On Airs (Putting On Airs, Single Lock Records, 2018)
21. The Great Park– We Swam A Little Song (When I Was Single EP, Woodland Recordings, 2018)
22. Mountain Lions – In The Valley (single, 2018)
23. The Wave Pictures – The Little Window (Brushes With Happiness, Moshi Moshi, 2018)

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