OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #3

Another week, another weekly playlist. Next week I plan to get back on other kind of blog posts as well, because I’m fully aware that this weekly feature isn’t a whole lot. It’s starting to feel possible again, because the heatwave is losing its grip on my brain and hopefully next week I can form other kind of sentences than “damn it’s hot in here” and “is there enough room for me to sleep in the fridge, if I remove the shelves and all the groceries”.

It was again a great week for new music. Actually every week is and there’s way more good music than there is time to listen to it. And I’m perfectly aware that I only know a tiny fraction of it. There’s so much more that I don’t know anything about (feel free to drop hints, I’m always keen to find out new stuff), but here are the ones that sparked my interest this week.

Michael Nau, Juan Solorzano, Amanda Shires, Lucero, Elephant Micah and Adriel Denae all released excellent new albums. On the singles front, I really loved the new Adeline Hotel song Habits and Colter Wall’s Plain to See Plainsman. Oh and The Pollies are also back and that’s sweet. Clay Parker and Jodi James will stay probably stay on the these weekly lists until I’ve gone through the whole album, because it’s possibly my favorite album of the year. Hawks and Doves also remains, because Kasey is back making noise the right way. Izaak Opatz also has a third appearance in a row, because there’s so many wonderful songs on his record.

Anyway, I could namecheck all, because I really like all the songs. At first I thought I might struggle to come up with 23 new-ish songs every week, but damn it’s actually pretty easy and the struggle is more that I come up with more than 23. I’m a music addict and I love that. Anyway, enough with the pointless rambling and it’s time to let Adeline Hotel kickoff this week’s selection of new music.

Dear 23 – OCTA Weekly Playlist Episode #3

1. Adeline Hotel – Habits (single, Ruination Record Co, 2018)
2. Juan Solorzano – Should’ve Been You (Time Machine, Tone Tree Music, 2018)
3. Michael Nau – On Ice (Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread, Full Time Hobby, 2018)
4. Amanda Shires – Charms (To The Sunset, Silver Knife Records, 2018)
5. Adriel Denae – Avalanche (Adriel Denae, Refuge Foundation for the Arts, 2018)
6. The Pollies – Hold My Heart (single, This Is American Music, 2018)
7. Hawks and Doves – Dangerous Ones (From A White Motel, Jullian Records, 2018)
8. Lucero – Cover Me (Among the Ghosts, Liberty & Lament, 2018)
9. Clay Parker and Jodi James – Gallows Tree (The Lonesomest Sound That Can Sound, 2018)
10. Jamie Lin Wilson – The Being Gone (single, 2018)
11. Advance Base – Dolores & Kimberly (single, Run For Cover Records, 2018)
12. Rosita Luu – SOS (single, Helmi-levyt, 2018)
13. Nick Eng – Too Good For Everyone (single, 2018)
14. Izaak Opatz – Read Between The Lines (Mariachi Static, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2018)
15. John Cathal O’Brien – The Wood (single, 2018)
16. Shannen Moser – Arizona (I Wanna Be Your Man) (single, Lame-O Records, 2018)
17. Baeilou – Eleanora (single, 2018)
18. Kevin Gordon – Fire At The End Of The World (Tilt and Shine, Crowville, 2018)
19. Malcolm Holcombe (feat Iris Dement) – I Don’t Wanna Disappear (single, Gypsy Eyes, 2018)
20. Colter Wall – Plain to See Plainsman (single, Young Mary’s Record Co, 2018)
21. VanWyck – As Yours Turns Into Mine (single, Maiden Name Records, 2018)
22. I’m Kingfisher – What Good Would Loving Me Do Now? (single, Fading Trail Records, 2018)
23. Elephant Micah – Life B (Genericana, Western Vinyl, 2018)

Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the ones that matter the most to you.

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