Izaak Opatz – Mariachi Static

The latest addition to the Mama Bird family is the Montana mountain man Izaak Opatz. His album Mariachi Static first saw the light of the day in 2017, but Mama Bird Recording Co reissued it on vinyl on the 27th of July. Rightfully so, because it’s one hell of a record that deserves way more recognition than what it got the first time around. Mariachi Static is an extremely enjoyable collection of lighthearted storytelling from a heavyweight songwriter. Sure there’s heartbreak, actually a whole lot of heartbreak in there too, but it’s delivered with a charming smile. Maybe if Jonathan goes americana instead of country next time around, he would be hiking on the same mountains as Izaak on this lovely debut full-length. Here’s a couple of personal favorites from this lovely album. Hit the bandcamp link on the player to buy/hear the whole thing.

Izaak Opatz Website

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