OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #5

Another week, another weekly playlist.

The biggest album release of the week for me was the new Austin Lucas. One of my favorite songwriters in the world and the new album Immortal Americans is utterly wonderful. The first solo album from Southeast Engine’s motor Adam Remnant is also high on my list, because it’s a damn good album. Then there’s the new Mitski obviously. Maybe not the closest thing to my personal taste, but I do think she is a phenomenal artist and songwriter and her success is also a welcome reminder that sometimes this music business makes some sense and good music can still gain a huge following. There were also new music from old favorites Death Cab For Cutie, Papa M and Great Lake Swimmers, but I haven’t really had the time to investigate those yet.

Then there were great new singles from Drew Beskin, Kristina Murray, Karine Polwart, Cat Power, Jim Bryson, Annika Norlin, Amy Ray and so forth. Nickel & Rose and Hadley McCall Thackston deliver the most important and powerful messages in the middle. Last week’s finest new albums from Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis, Riley Pinkerton, Bird Streets, John Cathal O’Brien remain on the list with a different song. I still can’t let go of Michael Nau and then there’s some stuff I missed earlier like the incredible Tiny Ruins song or Chris Lee Becker’s album. But let’s stop this nonsense and move on to the list. Austin Lucas can do the honors and start it with my current favorite song, The Shadow and Marie from his incredible album Immortal Americans.

Dear 23 – OCTA Weekly Playlist Episode #5

1. Austin Lucas – The Shadow and Marie (Immortal Americans, Cornelius Chapel Records, 2018)
2. Kristina Murray – Strong Blood (single, 2018)
3. Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis – I Just Lived a Country Song (Wild! Wild! Wild!, Bloodshot Records, 2018)
4. Chris Lee Becker – Made Of Gold (In and Around Bethlemen USA, Horton Records, 2018)
5. Adam Remnant – Carpenter’s Daughter (Sourwood, Anyway Records, 2018)
6. Karine Polwart – Ophelia (single, Hudson Records, 2018)
7. Mitski – Two Slow Dancers (Be The Cowboy, Dead Oceans, 2018)
8. Nickel & Rose – Americana (Americana EP, 2018)
9. Hadley McCall Thackston – Change (Hadley McCall Thackston, Wolfe Island, 2018)
10. Cat Power – Woman (single, Domino Recording Co, 2018)
11. Annie Oakley – Did You Dream (single, Horton Records, 2018)
12. Amy Ray – Sure Feels Good Anyway (single, Daemon Records, 2018)
13. Drew Beskin – Suspicion From The Start (single, Laser Brains, 2018)
14. Jim Bryson – Cut Bait (single, Coax Records, 2018)
15. Bird Streets – Thanks For Calling (Bird Streets, Omnivore Recordings, 2018)
16. The Molochs – Too Lost In Love (single, Innovative Leisure, 2018)
17. David Smalt – Leaves Burning (single, 2018)
18. Tiny Ruins – How Much (singe, Marathon, 2018)
19. Annika Norlin – Correspondence: Failure (single, Razzia Records, 2018)
20. Riley Pinkerton – Nothing Ever Is (Nothing Ever Is, 2018)
21. Michael Nau – Funny Wind (Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread, Full Time Hobby, 2018)
22. John Cathal O’Brien – Tavern (These Borders, 2018)
23. Fred Thomas – House Show, Late December (single, Polyvinyl Records, 2018)

Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you.

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