Hawks and Doves – From a White Hotel

Some years ago Kasey Anderson released wonderful albums. Especially Nowhere Nights is a really great one. Then some shit happened that is well documented elsewhere, but now Kasey is back making noise the right way and I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t give him a new chance. His new band is called Hawks and Doves and their debut album From a White Hotel came out on the 27th of July on Jullian Records. Kasey Anderson sure hasn’t lost his ability to write first class american rock’n’roll and Chasing The Sky, Bulletproof Hearts (For Laura Jane) and Dangerous Ones should all be hits. I sure hope this won’t be a one-off and Hawks and Doves or Kasey continues to release music in some capacity. The talent is still there. Of course it always was. Here’s the lyric video for Bulletproof Hearts (For Laure Jane).

Hawks and Doves Website

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