Austin Lucas – Immortal Americans

Austin Lucas has a new album out and available and that’s the biggest possible news on the OCTA scale. Immortal Americans came out on Cornelius Chapel Records on the 17th of August and Austin co-produced it with Will Johnson. The new album might not be the most instantly catchy record he has made, but give it a few spins and you’ll be heavily rewarded when these exceptional songs make your heart their new home. In fact, this does feel like the most complete, personal and powerful album of his career, which is kind of a lot said, because I’ve also loved each and everyone that came before it.

The whole album is wonderful, but for me the highlight is The Shadow and Marie. It’s a song that I love, but I hate that there is a reason for it to exist. The song was written during her partner’s cancer diagnosis and treatment and it’s a deeply moving and honest reflection about the uncertainty and the resilience that came with it. There is darkness in the beginning of that song, but later it’s completely overshadowed by unconditional love. It’s an incredible vocal performance, you can really feel that unlimited love in every note that he sings and suddenly that song that came from the dark actually shines brightly and fills the room with warmness and tenderness.

Immortal Americans is now out on Cornelius Chapel Records. Here are the awesome title track and lead single Immortal Americans and aforementioned The Shadow and Marie, but you really need to hear the whole beautiful record.

Austin Lucas Website
Cornelius Chapel Records Website

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