Vanessa Peters – Carnival Barker (single)

A flu put the blog on hold for a little while and therefore I haven’t even shared a song that means the world to me. The lead single Carnival Barker from the forthcoming Vanessa Peters album Foxhole Prayers is that song. The song is based on Warren G. Harding’s presidency and how dangerously the history is repeating itself right now. It’s thought-provoking, meaningful and powerful storytelling in form of a beautiful folk rock song. Art like this is so important right now when it often feels like the world has gone mad and even the most basic human decency is at stake. It gives the courage to be resilient and fight for what is right and it gives the hope that no matter how far back the current clown takes us, eventually we will bounce back and go even far further than where we were when this mess began.

The album Foxhole Prayers will be released by Idol Records on the 5th of October. You can pre-order from Bandcamp by hitting the links of the player. Extremely highly recommended. Among the finest albums I’ve heard this year.

Vanessa Peters Website

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