Extra Arms – Why I Run (single)

A long time favourite Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms are back with a new album Headacher that is due out on the 12th of October on Get Party Records. This time they are actually called just Extra Arms, because they are now a real and loud rock’n’roll band instead of Ryan Allen’s solo adventure. This is going to be such a treasure for the fans of loud and melodic power pop. I will return to this closer to the release date, but here’s the gorgeous first single Why I Run to get this party started. Damn this sounds good and it’s so much fun too. Why was it again that I mostly listen to melancholic folk and country music these days instead of stuff like this that is the pure foundation of my music taste. Beats me. Oh well. Thankfully I can still enjoy this wholeheartedly. This is Why I Run from the forthcoming Extra Arms album.

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