Vanessa Peters – Fight (song)

I meant to do a lot more blog stuff this week, but the reality threw a couple of curve balls and I just had to use my energy to fight through the week. Thankfully weekends are still mine and thankfully there’s always new music to hold me. This song Fight from the forthcoming Vanessa Peters album Foxhole Prayers has been my go-to song when it feels like the walls are closing in on me, whether it’s due to miserable world/Finland politics or personal struggles of the everyday life.

Fight is a personal song written from a perspective of a musician temporarily worn down by the music industry and the difficulties of trying to sell and hype your own music. Even though the song is personal, there’s something very universal and relatable in it. It’s a good song to have and to hold close to your heart, because we all need a little bit of encouragement and fighting spirit. Some more often than others. Fight feels relatable to me, because it acknowledges my fears and vulnerabilities and kinda says that hey it’s ok, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do this or that. I have a master’s degree in self-doubt, I’m super shy and quiet, but the last thing I need is to someone overly positive to tell me that I need to be someone who I am not. This song on the other is a good compassionate companion that lets me be the shy, quiet and socially clumsy person that I am. Fight just reminds me that while all that is part of my identity, I shouldn’t let it take too large role and hold me back from achieving my dreams that are worth fighting for. And that those dreams are always within my reach even if there’s a temporary hiccup in my happiness. That works.

Foxhole Prayers is out on October 5th of Idol Records.

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