OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #11

Another week, another weekly playlist.

This was a special week. Wonderful Finnish artist Lac Belot released his debut full-length ABRACADABRA!. If you listen to one Finnish album this year, make it this one. On global spectrum, the St. Lenox album that I’ve been raving about for the past month is now out and available. Ten Fables of Young Ambition and Passionate Love is an exceptional and inspiring album. I’m also thrilled about the new Marissa Nadler, Jerry David DeCicca and The Pollies. albums. There’s a lot more though and I haven’t even had the time to listen to enough of all these beauties. There’s new ones from Amy Ray, The Herbert Bail Orchestra, Lala Lala, Doe, Ural Thomas and The Pain and Hello June. The wonderful albums from Guy Capecelatro III and He Arrived By Helicopter also make a debut on this weekly playlist, because they weren’t available or I thought they weren’t available on Spotify when they came out a few weeks ago. Obviously some great ones from previous week remains on the list with another song. These are Kristina Murray, Mahonies, Frontperson, Ben Pirani, The Sha La Das,

A couple of new EPs too from Edward & Jane, Katy Kirby (I think digitally this was already available, but now on cassette as well) and Finnish band The Handkerchiefs. Oh and the Little Star EP is all the way from February, but I just bought it on Friday and I had to include it, because I’ve been really badly addicted to the first two songs on it.

The single list is always so impressive. That Jamie Lin Wilson album is going to be so good, because especially these last two singles Oklahoma Stars and this one Death & Life are so damn good. Both new William Matheny songs are winners and it was difficult to decide which one to include. Some of the best news of the week was that Pony Bradshaw will have an album coming out on Rounder Records in early 2019. I’ve been waiting to praise this guy. Bad Teeth album and Josephine single were so spectacular a couple of years ago and then they just vanished. Looks like the reason is that at least some of those new songs will get a new life on that forthcoming album and I really love that. The first single 10×10 is now out and available. A new Daniel Romano is always a parade-worthy situation and we also got awesome new singles from Anna St.Louis, Timber, Jake Paleschic, Valley Maker, Sloucher, Pottonen Band, Anthonie Tonnon, Martha L. Healy and Yowler (this was last week though, but I missed it then).

OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #11

1. Lac Belot – D’n’A (ABRACADABRA!, Solina Records, 2018)
2. St. Lenox – Vincent Van Gogh (Ten Fablea of Young Ambition and Passionate Love, Anyway Records, 2018)
3. Marissa Nadler – Lover Release Me (For My Crimes, Bella Union, 2018)
4. William Matheny – Christian Name (single, Misra Records, 2018)
5. Jerry David DeCicca – Dead Man’s Shoes (Burning Daylight, Super Secret Records, 2018)
6. Jamie Lin Wilson – Death & Life (single, 2018)
7. Pony Bradshaw – 10×10 (single, Rounder Records, 2018)
8. Jake Paleschic – Some Days (single, 2018)
9. Amy Ray – Fine With The Dark (Holler, Daemon Records, 2018)
10. Timber – Sunstroke (single, Cornelius Chapel Records, 2018)
11. The Herbert Bail Orchestra – Chains (History’s Made at Night, 2018)
12. The Pollies – Note He Wrote (Transmissions, This Is American Music, 2018)
13. Anna St. Louis – Desert (single, Woodsist/Mare, 2018)
14. Daniel Romano – Empty Husk (single, New West Records / You’ve Changed Records, 2018)
15. Guy Capecelatro III – I Could Write You (Splintering, Burst & Bloom Records, 2018)
16. Valley Maker – Beautiful Birds Flying (single, Frenchkiss Records, 2018)
17. He Arrived By Helicopter – Gold Damn Truth (The Shiny Hostel, 2018)
18. Katy Kirby – Tap Twice (Juniper EP, Keeled Scales, 2018)
19. Lala Lala – Destroyer (The Lamb, Hardly Art, 2018)
20. Doe – Labour Like I Do (Grow Into It, Big Scary Monsters / Topshelf Records, 2018)
21. Sloucher – Be True (single, Swoon Records, 2018)
22. The Handkerchiefs – The Law (American Brainwash EP, 2018)
23. Mahonies – Bruises (Pouring From an Empty Cup, Iso Pinkki, 2018)
24. Pottonen Band – Juggling Eggs (single, NXVX, 2018)
25. Anthonie Tonnon – Old Images (single, Misra Records, 2018)
26. Frontperson – Postcards From a Posh Man (Frontrunner, St. Oscar Records, 2018)
27. Ural Thomas and the Pain – You Care Very Little (The Right Time, Tender Loving Empire, 2018)
28. Ben Pirani – You Brought the Rain (How Do I Talk to My Brother?, Colemine Records, 2018)
29. The Sha La Das – Just For A Minute (Love in the Wind, Daptone, 2018)
30. Edward & Jane – Hold Your Own (Too Early To Tell EP, 2018)
31. Kristina Murray – The Ballad Of Angel & Donnie (Southern Ambrosia, Loud Magnolia Records, 2018)
32. Martha L. Healy – Fall in Love Again (single, 2018)
33. Hello June – Handshakes (Hello June, 2018)
34. Little Star – Willows (Waltzing With Tears in My Eyes EP, Good Cheer Records, 2018)
35. Yowler – Where Is My Light? (single, Double Double Whammy, 2018)

if you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

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