Laura Gibson, Anna St. Louis, Julia Jacklin and The Weather Station

I have about a month left before it’s time to start making those pointless but fun year-end lists, so I better start writing some blog posts if I want to be able to cover even a tiny fraction of the wonderful 2018 releases before that. This one is basicly just a quick video post though, because it’s late, I’m lazy, worn out and a sorry excuse of a music blogger. However, I’ll try to do a bunch of this kind of round up posts of 2018 songs/albums that mean the world to me between now and the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll write a few more words as well, but no definite promises. This is just a hobby and often the day job and other things take all the time and energy.

I will begin with the lyric video Goners from the new Laura Gibson album that came out on the 26th of October on Barsuk (USA) / City Slang (Europe). This particular album is actually the prime candidate to take away the #1 place on that forthcoming albums of the year list, because I love this album madly. Sure it’s quite sad and dark, but it’s not an issue for me. After all, my moderate happiness is built on devastatingly sad songs and without them that still somewhat shaky structure would fall apart. Thankfully music is always on my side. Goners is a phenomenal album and a treasure that I hold dear. This is the gorgeous title track, but you definitely need to hear the whole beautiful album.

Laura Gibson Website

Next up LA-based folk songwriter Anna St. Louis. Her album If Only There Was a River came out on Kevin Morby’s fairly new Woodsist imprint Mare on the 12th of October. Here’s a couple of great songs from her captivating debut full-length (I know the First Songs release from 2017, but I think this is still considered as the proper debut studio album).

Anna St. Louis at Facebook

Moving on to Australia. Julia Jacklin’s latest single Body is brilliant, powerful and moving. The next Julia Jacklin album is going to be something very special if this is any indication. An important song too and one the finest songs of the year.

Julia Jacklin Website

And finally we have the new polaris collaboration single from Canada’s finest songwriters The Weather Station and Jennifer Castle that came out on Paradise of Bachelors on the 18th of October. Here’s a video of the Weather Station song I Tried to Wear the World. Jennifer Castle’s song is equally stunning so leave this blog for a minute and listen to / buy the whole beautiful release here. Oh and while you are at it don’t forget Jennifer Castle’s wonderful 2018 album Angels of Death or last year’s self-titled The Weather Station album that is still my favorite album of the current decade. You’ll find both from that same link above, because they are also out on PoB.

The Weather Station Website
Jennifer Castle Website

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