J.E. Sunde – I Don’t Care to Dance (Pony Rug Live)

A yearly reminder of the greatness of J.E. Sunde. He is an exceptional songwriter from Minneapolis and his solo albums Shapes that Kiss The Lips of God are and Now I Feel Adored are wonderful and really dear to me. The earlier Daredevil Christopher Wright stuff is also gorgeous and worth investigating.

I somehow managed to miss this video of I Don’t Care to Dance (live on Pony Rug) when it surfaced in January, but thankfully I noticed it last Sunday and probably have spent an hour so watching this 4-minute video over and over again during the week. I suppose someone could say it’s just a lovely simple tune, but I love it wholeheartedly and relate to it on a deeply personal level. Maybe because I’m a shy, restrained, overly romantic and unmanly man and can just feel all the emotions that is going through the mind of the narrator. I don’t really care to dance, but I would strongly consider taking a few moderate dance steps whenever I hear this song. Oh and do check out the Pony Rug website. They have lots of similar kind of videos from other great artists. Link is below.

Of course I have to use this opportunity to share a couple of songs from the two solo albums that are both available on Cartouche Records.

And one Daredevil Christopher Wright classic too while I’m at it.

J.E.Sunde Website
Pony Rug Website

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