Kristina Murray, JP Harris, Jamie Lin Wilson & Joshua Ray Walker

I shall continue with the quick round-up posts of songs/albums I’ve fallen for during the past few months. This time I’m taking a bit more country approach. These would all deserve a long detailed review, because they are all superb and I love them to bits. Unfortunately this blog doesn’t pay the bills and there’s limits how much time I’m able to give to this dear hobby.

I think I’ve praised this Nashville-based songwriter Kristina Murray and her great album Southern Ambrosia a few times during the past months, but maybe not after it was released which happened on the 21st of September on Loud Magnolia Records. Anyway, it’s a damn good country/americana record that deserves several revisits so here’s another go and my current favorite from the album. Tell Me is a gorgeous country ballad that Kristina Murray co-wrote with Logan Ledger (you will hear more of him in 2019, so remember the name).

Kristina Murray Website

Staying is Nashville, Tennessee for the time being. The honky tonk hero JP Harris dropped a new fabulous record on the 5th of October. It carries the name Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing and it came out on Free Dirt Records. Extremely enjoyable album that ranges from classic beautiful country ballads to insanely catchy rootsy rock’n’roll songs. Difficult to pick just one for this little blog posts, because everything is so freakin’ good but let’s got with When I Quit Drinking this time around.

JP Harris Website

Moving on to Texas for the rest of this blog entry. First stop is D’Hanis, TX that is the home for americana songwriter Jamie Lin Wilson. Her latest album Jumping Over Rocks came out on the 26th of October. If you follow the weekly playlist, you’ve heard almost half of these songs already because the album has been such a big part of my autumn. She is such an incredible songwriter and storyteller that I also ended up buying the earlier album. The highlights of the new album for me are Oklahoma Stars that she co-wrote with Evan Felker (Turnpike Troubadours) and this brilliant song called Death & Life. Everything else works too.

Jamie Lin Wilson at Facebook

The final stop tonight is Dallas, TX and the new Joshua Ray Walker single Canyon from his forthcoming album that is due on the 25th of January. He is a Dallas-based country songwriter and definitely one to keep an eye on. This is a tremendous song and it’s been a big favorite of mine during the past couple of weeks. Gripping, honest, moving and powerful songwriting. I can’t wait to hear the whole album in early 2019. Here’s a live version from Sofar Sounds, you’ll find the studio version from Spotify.

Joshua Ray Walker Website

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