Turner Cody, Jim Bryson and John K. Samson

Hey another round-up post of songs/albums that I’ve fallen in love with during the fall.

Starting tonight’s journey from Queens, NY with a song from the new Turner Cody album The Duke of Decline. I’ve loved his storytelling for years and I’m just waiting for the world or the seven regular readers of this blog to follow my lead. If you want an introduction, there’s also a brand new compilation The Great Shadow 2007-2017 available on b.y_records. Here’s The Morning Sun from the new album and my all-time favorite I Know How I Feel About You from the combilation.

Turner Cody Website

Next up is Jim Bryson from Ottawa, Canada and his latest EP Tired of Waiting that is out and available Coax Records. Definitely one of my favorite EPs of the year. This is the music video Leslie Marshall directed for the song Labor Drive.

Jim Bryson Website

Last one for tonight is the new song from one of my all-time favorite songwriters John K. Samson and a song that I’ve listened about 78 times during the past week. This one isn’t an original though. It is a cover version of a song by Christine Fellows. Saturday Night On Utopia Parkway first appeared on her 2007 album Nevertheless. This cover version by John K. Samson is from a forthcoming split single with Kevin Devine that is due out later in November on Bad Timing Records. Oh and I just noticed that there’s actually a new Christine Fellows album coming out this Friday. So more of her music in the blog very soon.

John K. Samson Website
Christine Fellows Website

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