Julie Arsenault, Daniel Romano, Foxwarren, Bob Sumner and Ian Daniel Kehoe

It looks like I’m running out of time and will fail to feature all the music that matters to me before this 2018 chapter will become part of the history. I’m already in the midst of writing the year end lists, but before them a couple of quick roundup posts in the next few days. Starting with a Canada special tonight. Mostly just great music/videos, not a whole lot of words.

Kicking off this Canada special with some Mom Rock from Toronto-based songwriter Julie Arsenault. I loved her Softness EP a year ago and actually I think it’s the only 2017 release that has survived a year on my iPod. I’ve had to remove everything else to make room for 2018 stuff, but I haven’t been able to let go of Chain or Monsters. This new transparently feminist EP is equally impressive and very powerful. Extremely highly recommended.

What’s a year without one or four Daniel Romano albums. Latest work of art Finally Free came out on the 30th of November or New West Records / You’ve Changed Records. One of the best things about Daniel Romano is that you can never know what to expect. Except that it’s going to be unparalleled in its quality. This is my favorite from the new album. All The Reaching Trims by the mystical genius Daniel Romano.


Daniel Romano Website

Next up is Foxwarren from Regina, SK and their self-titled debut album that is out and available on Anti- and Arts & Crafts. Foxwarren is a project of Andy Shauf, Darryl Kissick, Avery Kissick and Dallas Bryson. It feels great to hear that voice again, because I’m big fan of Andy Shauf (The Party was the album of the year on this blog back in 2016). This is To Be from the brand new Foxwarren album.

Foxwarren Website

Let’s wrap up this blog entry with a couple of gorgeous singles. Bob Sumner (The Sumner Brothers) is getting ready to release his debut solo album Wasted Love Songs. The album is due out on the 25th of January, but the gorgeous first single Riverbed is already out and available. Check it out below and start counting days to the album release.

Bob Sumner Website

And last but definitely not the least, the new Ian Daniel Kehoe single Secret Republic that is out on Tin Angel Records. I don’t normally listen to synth pop with 80s vibes, but hey, how could one not love this. This is inconceivable! (sorry went a bit 80s in that word choice). If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Ian used to operate under the moniker Marine Dreams and have released several great records on You’ve Changed Records. And lots of other cool things too. Attack in Black in the day, playing drums for The Weather Station, Andy Shauf and so on. Anyway here’s the gorgeous Secret Republic to end tonight’s Canada feature.

Ian Daniel Kehoe Website

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