Colter Wall, William Alexander, John Prine and Kashena Sampson

Still a few more quick round up posts before the end of the year lists. Mostly just music, not a whole lot of words.

Starting with a song from the new Colter Wall record Songs of the Plains that is available on Young Mary’s Record Company. This singer-songwriter from Saskatoon maybe don’t need an introduction anymore, because I’m pretty sure that everyone that has any interest towards traditional country music have already spent hours listening to that deep baritone voice singing stories of the past. Here’s the opening song of his great new record.

Colter Wall Website

Travelling across the ocean to Melbourne, Australia to find The Kid From Bourke, the new album from Australian folk singer-songwriter William Alexander. This came out on the 27th of October on Green South Records and I found it just little over a week ago. I haven’t yet really investigated the man and his story, but I’ve done the most important part and I’ve listened to his music. I’ve had this on heavy rotation lately and it’s such a great record. Here’s a video of William Alexander singing the gorgeous album closer Sorrow, Your Only Friend.

William Alexander Website

Well if Colter Wall maybe don’t need an introduction, John Prine definitely doesn’t need one. The legendary songwriter is still writing wonderful music and his latest full-length The Tree of Forgiveness is a magnificent addition to his record vault. This is Summer’s End from the album that came out in April on Oh Boy Records.

John Prine Website

Let’s wrap up this small blog entry with a song by Kashena Sampson. I think I first shared this song something like a year and a half ago, but I don’t think I’ve shared this music video. Plus the album was also released in Europe in 2018, so it’s still relevant too. And of course something as beautiful as this is timeless and therefore always relevant. This is the title track of Kashena Sampson’s album Wild Heart.

Kashena Sampson Website

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