Joe Bourdet, China, Joseph Robert Krauss & Evan Cheadle

A small post of brilliant singles for tonight. Kicking things off from Los Angeles, California with the debut single from Joe Bourdet. This one could easily be mistaken as a newly discovered hidden treasure from the vaults of gentle 70s Californian folk rock. At least it takes me into that era of wonderful music. It’s really a single with two a-sides, because both Seamist and El Capitan are winners. It’s a pretty perfect single and I sure hope there’s an album of these sweets sounds on the horizon.

Joe Bourdet Website

Staying close by in San Francisco, California where China is getting ready to release their next album. And Then Nothing Happened is due out on the 22nd of February on Royal Oakie Records. I’ve been a big fan of this folk rock band led by Michael James Tapscott since the early EPs and I can’t wait to hear the full album. The first outtake and opening track Marnie is now out and available and sounds really good. I’m sure I’ll get back to this record a few times during the coming months.

China at Facebook

Next stop Nashville, Tennessee and the new single from Joseph Robert Krauss. I have a bit of a hole in my singer-songwriter education, because I didn’t know him before a friend of mine (I think it was Nathan K) shared this song New Mexico when it came out a few weeks ago. I instantly loved it and I’m currently in the process of expanding my studies with everything I can find. Here’s the gorgeous New Mexico.

Joseph Robert Krauss at Facebook

It’s past midnight here, so let’s end this little singles tour in Victoria, Canada with the fabulous new song from Evan Cheadle. He is re-releasing his awesome 2018 EP Chasing Shadows and accompanied it with a release of a brand new single Float On Down The Line. This one might already be my favorite Evan Cheadle song, which is a lot said, because I absolute love Comes in Colours from the EP.

Evan Cheadle Website

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