Damien Jurado, Esther Rose, Steve Sloane, Anna Tivel & Le Ren

Hey a blog entry that is not just a somewhat irrelevant playlist post. These songs have all be on the playlists though. So you have already heard these, if you are following them. Anyway, here’s a small round-up post of a few amazing songs that I’ve madly fallen in love with during these first months of the year.

Starting off with the first single South from the forthcoming Damien Jurado album In the Shape of a Storm. A new Damien Jurado album is a parade-worthy event even on its own, but the news that the album will be released by Mama Bird Recording Co (USA) and Loose Music (UK/Europe) made me immensely happy. Damien Jurado joining Mama Bird family just makes perfect sense. The album is due out on the 12th of April, but here’s the beautiful and sparse first outtake South.

And because I’m so slow with my blog writings, there’s actually also a gorgeous second single available. Damien Jurado originally wrote this song Lincoln back in 1998 for his 3rd album Ghost Of David and now this hidden treasure will finally see the light of the day as the album opener of In The Shape of a Storm.

Damien Jurado Website

One of my big new favorites is New Orleans-based country/folk songwriter Esther Rose. The excellent Father/Daughter Records released her new single Don’t Blame it On the Moon on the 6th of February and I’ve been somewhat obsessed with this wonderful song. I also highly recommend her 2017 album This Time Last Night that I managed to miss back then (further proof that you need better music sources than this little blog).

Esther Rose at Facebook

Steve Sloane is a Toronto-based songwriter who used to release rather remarkable albums under the name Hinindar. Now he uses his own given name and released a new album Near Death on the 3rd of February. I’m not sure do I have the words to describe it, but I have the heart to feel it. Exceptional art. This song Let All In in particular has given me a shoulder to lean on during the last few weeks. Another blog favourite Julie Arsenault sings beautiful harmonies on the song.

Steven Sloane / Hinindar at Facebook

Next up is the title track The Question of the new Anna Tivel album that will be released on the 19th of April by Portland-based Fluff and Gravy Records. This is one of my most anticipated albums of the year, because I love her songwriting and I have full trust in the producer Shane Leonard to add even further magic into her moving songs.

Anna Tivel Website

Let’s wrap this little blog entry with Love Can’t Be the Only Reason to Stay by Le Ren. Such a powerful song and this magnificent music video directed by Ali Vanderkruyk makes the impact of the song even stronger. Love sure can’t be the only reason to stay. That’s it for now, hopefully another post sometime soon-ish, but no promises whatsover.

Le Ren Website

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