Matthew Milia, Christian Lee Hutson, Charlotte Cornfield, Ohtis and A.O. Gerber

I’ve been dreadful at this blog thing lately and I’ve only done the weekly playlist. That was supposed to be a bonus and not the main thing. This blog hits 18 years in September, so I better get my act together so that I have something to celebrate. Here’s a short video post to get things started again.

The regular readers are probably well aware that Frontier Ruckus has been my favorite band during the past 5-6 years. We have to wait a while for Frontier Ruckus LP6, but the frontman Matthew Milia will release a solo album Alone at St. Hugo on the 3rd of May. A couple of gorgeous outtakes are available. Check out the music video for Congratulations Honey below and pre-order the album from his website.

Matthew Milia Website

It’s very unfortunate that the Finland show was canceled, but at least there’s a wonderful new Christian Lee Hutson music video for his new song Northsiders. Such a powerful song with so many instantly memorable lines. A bit of Elliot Smith vibes here and there too and that’s never a bad thing. Plus this new music video is absolutely brilliant. I have only love for this.

Christian Lee Hutson Website

Here’s another beautiful way to break your heart. The great new Charlotte Cornfield album The Shape of Your Name came out on the 5th of April on Next Door Records. I’ll suggest you let her slowly burn Silver Civic into your consciousness by watching this simple but powerful music video.

Charlotte Cornfield Website

Next up is Runnin from the new Ohtis album Curve of Earth. This is a wonderful song and it also inspired this moving short film by Claes Nordwall. Curve of Earth came out on the 29th of March on Full Time Hobby.

Ohtis Website

And last one for tonight is the new A.O.Gerber single Strangers and its colourful and beautiful music video. I don’t know a whole lot about this LA-based songwriter, but I know that I love this song. That’s a pretty good place to start my relationship with her music. Anyway, that’s the end of this short blog post of songs that matter to me. There would be so much more, so I hope I manage to continue a bit more frequently.

A.O. Gerber at Facebook

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