Four Arms to Hold You: Shane Leonard, Jo Schornikow, Adam Ostrar & Joanna Sternberg

I’ve been super slow with my blog writings, but this time I wanted to quickly feature the album that matters the most to me right this minute. It comes from Eau Claire, WI and it’s the new Shane Leonard album Strange Forms that just came out on the 31st of May. It’s starting to look like Shane Leonard is going to rule my year end lists in December, because this solo album is a lock just like the albums he produced for Anna Tivel and Clara Baker (probably Her Crooked Heart too, but haven’t listened to that enough at this point). Anyway, Strange Forms is now out and available and it’s a tremendous album full of beautifully arranged warm-hearted folk songs. Title track Strange Forms and Postcard Laundry are the (should-be) hits and Maybe Next Year takes my breath away. Everything else works too. Extremely highly recommended.

Shane Leonard Website

Next I am again stepping into the Keeled Scales treasure vault to dig up the beautiful new album from Australian songwriter Jo Schornikow. This softly shining and quietly mesmerizing album carries a name Secret Weapon and came out the 29th of March. This is my personal favorite song Martingale.

Jo Schornikow Website

The label of the previous pick came from Austin, Texas, so let’s stick there for a little while to enjoy a magnificent song from the new Adam Ostrar album The Worried Coat. This lovely work of art came out on Super Secret Records on the 5th of April. Personal favorite is the gentle sway of Bloody Waves and you can listen to it below. However, this just one side of this engaging story that ranges all the way to 70s British folk vibes. So take a moment or two and spend it in the comfort of The Worried Coat.

Adam Ostrar Website

Wrapping up tonight’s Four Arms to Hold You story with one of my favorite songs of the year. Joanna Sternberg is a New York-based songwriter and her new album Then I Try Some More is due out on 12th of July on Team Love Records. My expectations are sky high, because I’ve loved both advance singles that have been released so far. This is the powerful first single This Is Not Who I Want To Be.

Joanna Sternberg Website

Four Arms to Hold You is an ongoing feature with a weird name. It might not contain a whole lot of words, but it does contain a whole lot of love towards the featured songs. Basicly this is just four albums / songs / artists that have done their part in holding me together and therefore I want to tell the world or the seven readers of this blog how much I love them. Not entirely sure do these kind of posts serve any kind of purpose and I do hope I manage to write longer posts too. Right now it just feels like the playlists and these kind of short posts are the only way to keep this dear hobby alive. Plus it’s really the music that matters, not my random ramblings and these posts will always contain magical music.

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