Ancient Shapes, Espanola, Run Coyote and Slow Healer

Tonight’s round-up takes place in Canada. We shall begin with the latest hit song from Daniel Romano’s “flower pop supergroup” Ancient Shapes. A Flower That Wouldn’t Bloom is the first outtake and title track from their forthcoming album that is out on the 25th of October on You’ve Changed Records. It comes with colourful music video directed by Daniel Domenico Romano. What can we expect next from this multi-talented man. A novel collection, feature-length movie, re-imagination of Mona Lisa. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.

Ancient Shapes at Facebook

A smooth transition to the new self-titled Espanola album that came out on the 28th of June. The man behind the name is Aaron Goldstein, a Canadian studio wizard, master of pedal steel and a true liner note hero. He has played with lots of my favorite Canadian artists (incl. Daniel Romano) and he has also produced and/or recorded lots of songs that mean the world to me. But even if you are great at making others shine more brightly, it’s good to do you own thing too. Espanola proves that he can also handle the songwriter department of music making and blasted out a gorgeous rock record with monster riffs, country flavors and psych traces. Here’s one awesome album cut called This High, listen to / buy the whole record by hitting the links on that bandcamp player

Espanola at Facebook

Well guess who played some pedal steel on this one and did some production work too. Aaron Goldstein of course. So there’s another smooth transition to the new Run Coyote album In Shadowlands that came out on 26th of April on So Sorry Records. If you are into some vintage film noir and spaghetti westerns, you’ll have a new favorite band right here. Actually just loving rock’n’roll is sufficient, because this is just a damn good record. Here’s Late Night Lovers from the album and as usual buy/listen whole thing by hitting the links on that player.

Run Coyote Website

Let’s end this little round up blog post with a song from the new Slow Healer EP Always Trippin’. It’s the musical side of Mitch Fillion, who should get some kind of lifetime award for everything he has done in the moving pictures department by documenting performances from countless amount of fabulous artists (Southern Souls, Live at Massey Hall). Apparently he can also do this songwriting too, because this is a really good EP. Oh and obviously Aaron Goldstein plays on this one too. Not on this particular track Tell Me though so this love letter to Aaron won’t go overboard.

Four Arms to Hold You is an ongoing feature with a weird name. It might not contain a whole lot of words, but it does contain a whole lot of love towards the featured songs. Basicly this is just four albums / songs / artists that have done their part in holding me together and therefore I want to tell the world or the seven readers of this blog how much I love them. Not entirely sure do these kind of posts serve any kind of purpose and I do hope I manage to write longer posts too. Right now it just feels like the playlists and these kind of short posts are the only way to keep this dear hobby alive. Plus it’s really the music that matters, not my random ramblings and these posts will always contain magical music.

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