Jason Hawk Harris, Erin Enderlin, Vincent Neil Emerson & Garrett T. Capps

Most of my blog time for the next three weeks will be spent on the online anniversary festival, but first I want to quickly tell you that I absolutely love this new album from Los Angeles-based americana songwriter Jason Hawk Harris. The album Love & The Dark came out on the 23rd of August on Bloodshot Records and it’s one hell of a country record with a whole lot of rock’n’roll and heavy-hearted narrative. Super entertaining, but also able to drop your heart to the apartment below. One of my personal favorites of the year so far. Here’s a couple of great songs from the album. Listen to / buy the whole great record by hitting those links on the Bandcamp player.

Jason Hawk Harris Website

I’m embarrassed that I’ve missed this magnificent EP series from country singer-songwriter Erin Enderlin. I just stumbled upon this now when she is already in Chapter Three, but better late than never. All three chapters are full of wonderful real country music and captivating storytelling. Many of these songs are also available in form of an excellent music video. Here’s Tonight I Don’t Give a Damn from Chapter One and I Can Be Your Whiskey from Chapter Two.

Erin Enderlin Website

Continuing with tremendous classic country songwriting. Vincent Neil Emerson from Fort Worth, TX is a new find for me, but I’ve really loved all the singles I’ve heard from this forthcoming album album Fried Chicken and Evil Women, due out on the 13th of September on La Honda Records. Here’s a couple of those wonderful singles. A music video for Willie Nelson’ Wall and an acoustic live of 7 Come 11.

Vincent Neil Emerson Website

Let’s stay in Texas to wrap up this little blog entry with a song from the brand new Garrett T. Capps album All Right, All Night that just came out last friday on the 30th of August on Shotgun House Records. I’ve barely scratched the surface of this one at this point, but sure sounds like a damn good country album. Lately is on the weekly playlist at the moment, so let’s go with another great album cut Alone With You that features the wonderful Jamie Lin Wilson on vocals.

Garrett T. Capps Website

Four Arms to Hold You is an ongoing feature with a weird name. It might not contain a whole lot of words, but it does contain a whole lot of love towards the featured songs. Basicly this is just four albums / songs / artists that have done their part in holding me together and therefore I want to tell the world or the seven readers of this blog how much I love them. Not entirely sure do these kind of posts serve any kind of purpose and I do hope I manage to write longer posts too. Right now it just feels like the playlists and these kind of short posts are the only way to keep this dear hobby alive. Plus it’s really the music that matters, not my random ramblings and these posts will always contain magical music.

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