OCTA 18th Anniversary – Anna Tivel

Welcome to the 18th Anniversary Festival of One Chord to Another. Our birthday party starts in Portland, Oregon and I’m deeply honored to share this new song from one of my absolute favorite songwriters. Anna Tivel is an exceptional storyteller who is able to bring the characters of her songs close to the listener’s heart. Her 2019 album The Question that came out on the 19th of April on Fluff & Gravy Records is one of the finest of the year and full of warm-hearted and powerful songwriting. Anna Tivel’s tremendous contribution to this anniversary week is a new song that doesn’t even have a name yet. If you want to hear more from Anna Tivel, a good place to start is this new and influential music video for the title track of the new album. After that follow the links below for more masterful songwriting.

Anna Tivel at Facebook
Anna Tivel Website
Anna Tivel at Bandcamp
Fluff and Gravy Website

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