OCTA 18th Anniversary – Welcome!

Me and my editor-in-chief Luna (both in the picture) would like to welcome you to our little online festival and celebrate the 18th anniversary of onechord.net. During this next week you will see lots of amazing unique performances from the artists that shaped the past 18 years of onechord.net. I’m forever grateful to all the artists that took the time to be a part of this event. It means the world to me to be able to share this celebration with artists that I love wholeheartedly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The anniversary festival begins today at 7 p.m. (Finnish time, that’s noon on EST if I’m not mistaken) and then it’s on every day at the same time. Except Wednesday will be an off day. I think both the organizer and the audience might need a day to recharge batteries, plus I have some work to do set up the videos for the rest of the week. I would love it if you watched / shared / commented, because there will be lots of wonderful songs and lovely performances. I hope things go smoothly. At least, I hope hosting does not become an issue. I did buy an upgrade for this month to get rid of bandwith limits and so forth. If some problems rise, I try to tackle them on Monday.

And phew! 18 years. Where did all that time go. I sure never thought when I started that I would still be doing this 18 years later, but here I am and at least I have no immediate intention to stop. So who knows, maybe this gets to see 20th anniversary festival too. Of course trying to keep this thing alive is often a huge struggle with the dayjob taking away all energy etc, but thankfully this is also very rewarding and something that I love to do. These days this is sort of an enjoyable burden. If one day the word enjoyable vanishes from that previous sentence, then it’s time to call an end to this chapter of my life. But it’s definitely not today, today it is the time to celebrate the past, present and future of this little music blog. Thank you to everyone whom I’ve met or online met over the years. Thank you to all the artists that I’ve ever featured. Thank you to all the readers. You are the reason why this blog stayed alive throughout these years. I hope you all join in on this event and watch the beautiful videos that the songwriters and musicians have created. Love love love.

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