OCTA 18th Anniversary – Barna Howard

Wrapping up day 7 of the anniversary week with something that is very special to me in multiple ways. I think this particular song was my introduction to both Barna Howard and Mama Bird Recording Co. One came to be one of my favorite songwriters and the other my favorite record label in the world. After hearing this song and Portland Sessions video with a few more, I ordered the LP from Mama Bird and fell in love with Barna Howard’s songwriting. And here I am seven years later still loving Barna’s songwriting with all my heart and clicking love to every Lyle the Intern picture I see. Music is no damn competition, but Quite A Feelin’ was the album of the year on this blog when it came out in 2015 and the self-titled debut album was #2 back in 2012. So that’s further proof how much I love his songs and how much it matters to be able to represent this song for you. Here’s Barna Howard with a wonderful version of Promise, I Won’t Laugh. That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow for the last day of this anniversary week.

Barna Howard Website
Barna Howard at Facebook
Self-titled debut at Bandcamp
Quite a Feelin’ at Bandcamp

One Chord to Another hits 18 years on the 17th of September and celebrates the long road with an online birthday party. During the anniversary week (14 – 22 of September) you will see unique live performances from the artists that shaped these 18 years of the blog. Follow the action on this blog and social media and feel free to comment if you so wish.

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