OCTA 18th Anniversary – Steve Sloane

We are wrapping up day 6 of our anniversary in Toronto, Canada with songwriter Steve Sloane. Actually I think he put this together somewhere on the road and I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to do that. I’m very honored to have this particular song playing on this festival, because Let All In by Steve Sloane is my favorite song of the year. I just love how the emotion builds throughout the song. It’s so fragile, humane, powerful and it resonates within me on a deep level. It can be so damn hard and scary to feel something else. Not that I’ve experienced such a horrible trauma as being assaulted, forcibly confined in a stolen car, and being held at gunpoint. It happened to Steve in 2017 and his new album Near Death contains the songs that released him from the grip of near death. An exceptionally powerful album and I fully recommend listening to the whole remarkable record. Here’s Steve Sloane redoing Let All In for our anniversary week. Make sure to also listen to the album version with beautiful harmonies from Julie Arsenault and check out this live video of three other songs from this album.

Steve Sloane at Facebook
Steve Sloane at Bandcamp

One Chord to Another hits 18 years on the 17th of September and celebrates the long road with an online birthday party. During the anniversary week (14 – 22 of September) you will see unique live performances from the artists that shaped these 18 years of the blog. Follow the action on this blog and social media and feel free to comment if you so wish.

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