Matt Dorrien, Kyle Cox and Joan Shelley

The progress has been slow for various of reasons, but I’m still here listening and loving music with all my heart. Here’s another set of wonderful songs that have done their part in dividing my world into something manageable. Starting off with the latest single Teddy Wilson from the great Portland-based songwriter Matt Dorrien who made one of my favorite records of 2018. It’s a gorgeous ode to jazz pianist Teddy Wilson and gives us a beautiful kindhearted escape from this crazy world. The single is out and available on Mama Bird Recording Co, so hit that bandcamp link for the single and the 2018 album if you missed it at the time. But now it’s the time to gently sway in the arms of this wonderful song. Everyone needs such moments of beauty and comfort in order to find the strength to carry on fighting for what is right.

Matt Dorrien at Facebook
Matt Dorrien Website

Carrying on with the dance theme and next we are having a slow dance with Nashville songwriter Kyle Cox. We are not far away otherwise either, because his new album Perhaps One Day is a beautiful timeless love letter to his family and an ode to the jazz groups of 30s and 40s. It’s a tremendous album from first note to last and I love it wholeheartedly. Here’s Midnight Dance from the album that came out the 16th of August. Listen to / buy the whole beautiful record by hitting the links on the player.

Kyle Cox at Facebook
Kyle Cox Website

This little blog post was dedicated to the slow dance and there’s no better way to wrap this one than the song The Sway from the awesome new Joan Shelley album Like The River Loves The Sea. The album came out on 30th of August on No Quarter Records and it’s one of my favorite records of this fall. This brilliant Lost River Sessions performance of album outtake The Sway just surfaced a few days ago. So here’s Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg giving a most perfect ending to this round up of songs of romance and slow dance.

Joan Shelley Website
Joan Shelley at Facebook

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