D.H. Scott and Zachary Lucky

I need to make some kind of final spurt during this next month or so, if I’m going to feature everything that I loved during the year. Let’s begin with another short double feature. We shall begin from Albuquerque, New Mexico with one of my new favorites D.H.Scott. Kind of accidentally stumbled upon his 2019 album My Body Longed For the Summer a while ago and instantly loved it. It reminds me a bit of that Wesley Randolph Eader album from a few years ago. Or well maybe they both just have a bit of Townes Van Zandt in them. Anyway, it’s a wonderful album full of great folk songwriting. A bit of hidden gem at least in my corner of the world, but hopefully not for too long.

D.H. Scott at Facebook

Traveling on to Canada to meet up with one of my long time favourites Zachary Lucky. His new album Midwestern was recorded live off the floor in Hamilton, Ontario and came out on the 18th of October on Wroxton Recordings. It sounds warm, beautiful and true and the songwriting is strong throughout the record. It’s early days, but definitely feels like its his finest record to date. Here’s a couple of awesome examples. A live video of Sometimes I Wonder (How I Got This Far) and the album opener There Was A Time When I Used To Run.

Zachary Lucky at Facebook
Zachary Lucky Website

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