MAITA, Mo Troper, Daniel Markham and Smug Brothers

Tonight’s quick round up contains some superb advance singles from 2020 albums. First up is the new MAITA single/video Can’t Blame a Kid. The Portland-based indie rock band led by songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler was recently signed by Kill Rock Stars and the legendary label will release their debut album Best Wishes on the 1st of February. The two advance singles are so different yet equally wonderful. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing in February.

MAITA at Facebook
MAITA Website

Sticking in Portland for the first single from the forthcoming Mo Troper album Natural Beauty. I loved his Exposure & Response album couple years back and therefore I have high hopes for this one. The lead single Jas from Australia is again an awesome melodic pop treasure. Look out for the full-length on the 14th of February on Tender Loving Empire.

Mo Troper at Facebook

Going to Denton, Texas for the next one, which is the new single Don’t It Feel So Good? from long time favourite Daniel Markham. He has a new album called Burnout coming out during the early stages of 2020 and this monster track is the lead single. And a damn impressive one. This is going to be one hell of a record.

Daniel Markham at Facebook
Daniel Markham Website

It’s midnight, but let’s add one more, because who needs sleep anyway. This album from Dayton, Ohio’s Smug Brothers is actually out and available. It came out on the 8th November on Gas Daddy Go! Records. This one is a must listen for you, if you are looking for short and great american indie rock songs somewhat similar to Guided By Voices. Here’s a couple of wonderful tunes from their new album Serve A Thirsty Moon. Hit the links on the Bandcamp player to hear/buy the whole thing.

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