Micah Schnabel, The Weakerthans Tribute, Matt Woods and Will Johnson

Tonight’s quick round up of things I love starts from Columbus, Ohio. New Micah Schnabel album The Teenage Years Of The 21st Century comes out on the 3rd of December and it’s a good reason to hold on to your AOTY lists at least for another week. This powerful and important record will definitely be on my list when I write it in mid-December. Video for New Shoes appeared earlier in the year and the new single Emergency Room just a couple of weeks ago. Check them out below and pre-order the album from his Bandcamp.

Micah Schnabel Website
Micah Schnabel at Facebook

One of my all-time favorite bands The Weakerthans got a tribute album a couple weeks ago. It’s called One Great Tribute! A love letter to The Weakerthans and can be bought from Bandcamp. There’s folks like Austin Lucas, Bry Webb and Frank Turner playing some of the finest songs of the past 20+ years, so what’s not to love. Here’s Anchorless by Austin Lucas & The Bold Party. Hit the links on the Bandcamp player to hear/buy the whole beautiful release. And in case you are not familiar, check out the whole The Weakerthans catalogue and John K. Samson’s solo records too.

One Great Tribute! Website
One Great Tribute! at Facebook

Just in time for thanksgiving we got a new video from Matt Woods album Natural Disasters that came out back in June. Joey Kneiser directed this mighty great video for Cold Civil War. He made a video for the first single Blue-Eyed Wanderer too. Check it out here, if you missed it in the summer. And hey, the record is awesome, so again hit the links on the bandcamp player to hear/buy the whole thing.

Matt Woods Website
Matt Woods at Facebook

Let’s wrap up this quick catch up posts with one of my favorite songs of this fall. Need of Trust and Thunder is an outtake from the wonderful new Will Johnson album Wire Mountain that came out on the 27th of September on Keeled Scales. I love the whole record, but somehow this is a song that I return to all the time.

Will Johnson at Facebook
Will Johnson Website

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