Baby Sweetcorn, Wojtek the Bear, Astral Brain and Treemer

Another quick round of music things I love. This Euro tour starts from Pori, Finland with a song from the new Baby Sweetcorn album He Laughs He Learns He Loves. They did some cupboard cleaning and recorded a bunch of great songs that had been gathering dust for reasons that remain a mystery. The reason sure wasn’t the quality of the songs, because there’s a lot of wonderful material on this album. My early favorite has been this one called Thousand Yard Stare, but do check out the whole thing by hitting the links on the bandcamp player. He Laughs He Learns He Loves came out digitally on Way Beyondo Records on the 15th of November. If you want it on vinyl, pre-order it here. The vinyl will not be sold afterwards.

Baby Sweetcorn at Facebook

Next we travel to Scotland and more precisely Glasgow. Wojtek the Bear still reminds me a lot of great former Finnish indie band Sister Flo, which is not a bad thing because I loved Sister Flo. This time they are channeling their inner Nigel Mansell on this gorgeous new single/video Some States that came out Scottish Fiction on the 22nd of November. Their 2019 singles are also now available as a limited edition vinyl called Old Names for New Shapes.

Wojtek the Bear at Facebook

On our way back home we meet up with Astral Brain in Sweden, Stockholm. This new band by Einar Ekström (Le Futur Pompiste) and Siri af Burén released their latest single Five Thousand Miles on the 6th of November. This is again pure indie gold just like the debut single.

Astral Brain at Facebook

Final destination on this roundabout is just a boat trip away in Helsinki, Finland. This is a most pleasant surprise return from the lovely people who once played in such Finnish indie legends like The Pansies. Their new band is called Treemer and they just released their debut EP Meeting on the 15th of November. So if you like some beautiful guitar pop with noisy hypnotic guitars and shoegazy vibes, check out the debut single The Great Void below and the whole EP on the streaming platforms.

Treemer at Facebook

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