Dakota Theim, Mo Troper, Witch’s Wall and Untogethers

Over the years this blog has drifted towards roots-ier surroundings, but every now and then it’s good to go back to the actual roots of the blog and share a couple of fabulous pop songs. This little blog entry is heavily influenced by the new Dakota Theim album Somewhere Under the Sun, which came out on the 10th of January. I just found this Portland-based songwriter and his album last Friday thanks to American Standard Time. Read their long and detailed review here to get a better grip of why you should introduce your heart to these songs or just hit play below to hear a couple of melodic and catchy pop treasures. This is such a wonderful 60s / early 70s influenced pop album and I love every second of it.

Dakota Theim at Facebook
Dakota Theim Website

Another should-be hit record from Portland is the forthcoming Mo Troper album Natural Beauty that is due out on Tender Loving Empire on the 14th of February. The previous one Exposure & Response was one of the best power pop albums I’ve heard in recent years, so I have high expectations for this one. I think I already shared Jas from Australia in the latter parts of 2019, so let’s drop the other two singles here.

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Witch’s Wall are from Birmingham, Alabama and they have a self-titled debut album coming out on the 3rd of April on Cornelius Chapel Records. I don’t know a whole lot about them yet, but I do know that this first single Lady Love is rather superb and comes also in form of a beautiful nostalgic video. I look forward to hearing their blend of dreamy pop, experimental rock and psychedelic vibes when the album arrives.

Witch’s Wall at Facebook

Last stop on this pop tour tonight is Tampere, Finland and the great new single The Peasant from Untogethers. A full-length album will follow in March on Iso Pinkki, but first we can enjoy this gorgeous 60s influenced pop song along with archive footage of Finnish lumberjacks doing some log racing back in the late 40s.

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