Samantha Crain, Anna Burch, Cayley Thomas and Joey O’Neil

I’m on a one-week long winter vacation, but there’s time at least for one quick music video post. So here’s a couple of great advance singles / music videos from forthcoming 2020 albums. Kicking things off in Oklahoma with a return single An Echo from long time favorite Samantha Crain. Her new album A Small Death is due out 1st of May on Real Kind Records (a new label founded by Lucy Rose). Here’s the poignant and beautiful first single accompanied with a music video directed by Joanna Grace Babb.

Samantha Crain Website
Samantha Crain at Facebook

Moving on to slightly lighter tones with the fabulous new single from Detroit-based songwriter Anna Burch. Her new album If You’re Dreaming is coming out on the 3rd of April on Polyvinyl Records / Heavenly Records. I loved her debut album and the new single Not So Bad is another winner. I so look forward to hearing the full album. While waiting I can keep this single on repeat and also revisit my Softies catalog and other Rose-related parts of my record collection (because somehow listening to Anna Burch have that affect on me). Anna Burch seems to be quite a multi-talent too, because she also directed this gorgeous music video for the new single.

Anna Burch at Facebook
Anna Burch Website

Next stop Toronto via Edmonton, Alberta. Blue Jean Baby is the latest single from the forthcoming Cayley Thomas album How Else Can I Tell You? Actually I’ll put the first single Midnight Hours here too, because it slipped under my radar due to the late 2019 release date. Boths songs are wonderful and I’m sure this is going to be a special record.

Cayley Thomas Website
Cayley Thomas at Facebook

Wrapping this quick blog entry in the Yukon wilderness. I just found Joey O’Neil a couple of weeks ago when I searched the week’s new songs for the weekly playlist and on CDBaby website they recommend her music if I like Jennifer Castle and well who doesn’t. She did release an album in 2016, but somehow I managed to miss that one (a shame because it seems like a really good album based on a quick listen, I’ll need to give it a proper spin soon). She is now working on a new one with Aaron Goldstein and it should come out in April. Here’s the beautiful new single When I Forget with an 8mm music video.

And as a bonus here’s new live one I Can’t Keep Both from the Southern Souls vaults.

Joey O’Neil Website
Joey O’Neil at Facebook

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