Aaron Beckum, Sam Burton, Peter Oren and Dan Reeder

The blog has been pretty much on a standstill for a couple of weeks (outside the weekly playlist) for various of reasons, but here’s one of those quick round up posts of songs/releases that I love. Starting with from Los Angeles, California with this brand new Aaron Beckum EP Songs From a Triangle Room. It was produced by Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle and contains some new ones and some Beckum classics like Born Forlorn. Here’s the music video for Jagged Coast along with another EP cut Mountains from the new EP.

Aaron Beckum Website
Aaron Beckum at Facebook

Sticking in Los Angeles for this next one too although Sam Burton is originally from Salt Lake City. The great Tompkins Square label recently signed him and his label debut will come out in mid-2020. The first single I Can Go With You surfaced a couple of weeks ago and Madelynn De La Rosa directed this lovely music video for it. It’s also available as 7″ single, so follow the links on the bandcamp player to order a copy.

Next we take our bags over to Bloomington, Indiana for the latest Peter Oren single. He has a new album The Greener Pasture coming out on the 24th of April on Western Vinyl and therefore he has released a set of singles in advance. Caroline Sallee made a gorgeous single for his most recent song Gnawed to the Bone (Come By). Below that you’ll find another great tune called John Wayne.

Peter Oren at Facebook
Peter Oren Website

Wrapping this little blog entry in Nürnberg, Germany with a couple of fabulous Dan Reeder songs. I’m not exactly sure is there an album on the horizon, but Oh Boy Records has released a bunch of his singles during the past couple of months and they are all rather remarkable. His voice sort of reminds me of that Ted Lucas album that I love so dearly. I don’t know how I managed to miss him until now. The cover art of his records are very familiar, so I’ve stumbled upon them in the past but for some reasons I haven’t properly listened to him before this new set of singles. My loss for sure, because I love the songs. Here’s a couple of my personal favorites Young at Heart and Love and Hate.

Dan Reeder Website
Dan Reeder at Facebook

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