Stripmall Ballads, Hello Emerson, Adam Remnant and Crow vs Lion

Another quick round up of songs I love, because that’s all I manage these days. Today’s US journey starts from Maryland with songwriter Phillips Saylor Wisor and together we are meeting Susan at the Crossroads. It’s the opening song of the great new Stripmall Ballads album Distant that came out on the 1st of February. A bit of a low-key release for such a high quality album, so here’s my small part in spreading the word about this beauty. You can purchase the whole gorgeous album from his website.

Stripmall Ballads Website
Stripmall Ballads at Facebook

Next up is a midwest / Ohio music video double from the Anyway Records vaults. First Columbus, Ohio and Am I the Midwest? from the new Hello Emerson album How to Cook Everything. I’ve mentioned it before, but a revisit is in order due to its undeniable magic. One of my favorite records of the year so far.

Hello Emerson at Facebook
Hello Emerson Website

And then over to Athens, Ohio and to the finest music of 2018. Lately songwriter Adam Remnant has been getting into film photography and in the process created a lyric video for a song called Ohio from his fabulous 2018 album Sourwood.

Adam Remnant Website
Adam Remnant at Facebook

Final stop on this little round up is Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the 2019 album The Heart, The Time, The Pen from Crow vs Lion. It’s a music project led by songwriter Dan Gallagher. A long time blog favourite Raph Cutrufello (from Hezekiah Jones) co-produced and helped him to bring his vision to fruition. The Heart, The Time, The Pen is a concept album revolving around these three themes and I recommened listening to the whole thing to get a full grasp of the depth of it. Here’s the new music video Waking The Truth along with one of my own favourites Missouri to get started. Follow the bandcamp link to hear/buy the whole album.

Crow vs Lion at Facebook
Crow vs Lion Website

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