Kalevi Suopursu, Guggenheim-projektz, Hermaja and Rock Siltanen

These quick spring release round-up posts now turn into a Kalevi Suopursu appreciation society. During the last few years I’ve learned that I love pretty much all music-related things that somehow involves Kalevi Suopursu. It don’t matter whether it’s Amuri, Guggenheim-projektz, Kalevi Suopursu Karaoke Show or just adding some VHS magic to songs by other beautiful artists. It’s all pure gold. Therefore one of my favorite albums of this spring has been the new solo album Yksin yksiössä that came out on Helmi Levyt on the 13th of March. A wonderful record that contain (should be) hits like Sinä olet minun sunnuntai, Mies Saabissa itkee ja Sotkin käteni vereen.

If you are hungry for more and quite frankly who wouldn’t be, one of his bands Guggenheim-projektz also released a great new album called Dersu Uzala. Here’s the lead track Matematiikon poika. Check out the whole album on the streaming services or buy a cassette version from Helmi Levyt.

Guggenheim-projektz at Facebook

Then a couple of other gorgeous Finnish releases with some video art from Kalevi Suopursu. First the debut album Kultasuoni from Hermaja that came out on the 8th of May on Helmi Levyt. It’s sad that there’s no Hullu Ruusu anymore, but thankfully both Merita Berg and Antti Hermaja are releasing equally wondrous music on their own / with their new groups. Here’s Charlotta Siren from the new Hermaja album.

Hermaja at Facebook

And last but definitely not the least on this little round up is the new magical single from Rock Siltanen. I was ready to spend the summer of 2020 singing along to a completely another song by Rock Siltanen, but that’s not what life had in store for us. We shall do the Uskon Huuhkajiin sing-alongs next summer, but Rock Siltanen has a perfect song for these current times too. Tulevaisuus ei oo sitä mitä se oli is warm-hearted, beautiful and full of empathy. A kind shoulder to lean on, if the anxiety tries to take a hold of me. Oh and be on the lookout for the Amuri debut album out in the fall of 2020. It will contain more magnificent songs from both Kalevi Suopursu and Rock Siltanen. If this blog / world still exists at the end of 2020, it might well turn out to be my album of the year.

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