Teini-Pää and Tvärtom

I’m fairly certain that I haven’t praised Teini-Pää nearly enough. I didn’t find their 2019 EP Täynnä kysymyksiä before January 2020 and that’s the only reason why it wasn’t the Finnish EP of the year and during the last month I’ve been equally obsessed with their new brilliant ABBA cover 112. It’s a B-side of their forthcoming 7″ single that will be co-released in June by Pop Antik Kustannus, Goosebumbs Records and Teinilevyt. This might not be the kind of music that I listen to that much these days, but I find their super catchy melodic punk rock totally irresistible. Oh and that vocalist is so damn good. I love everything about them. Here’s the new ABBA cover along with a couple of treasures from the 2019 EP.

Teini-Pää at Facebook
Teini-Pää Website

Another new Finnish band that I love dearly is Tvärtom, so why not use this opportunity to post their fabulous new single Järkytys. It’s a great jangly follow-up to their self-titled 2019 EP. I also had to repost the Iltariennot music video from the 2019 EP, because both the song and the video are rather perfect.

Tvärtom at Facebook

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