Terry’s Paradise and Via Mardot

Just a quick double EP feature tonight, because I need some sleep. First some postmodern doo-wop from Portland, Oregon. Shoobeedoo High, Shoobeedoo Low pt. 1 is the debut EP from Terry’s Paradise and it was produced by Karl Blau. It’s a mighty good EP as a whole and then there’s the lead song Full Moon that is just utterly brilliant. There’s also zero need to be doo-wop or 50s rock enthusiast to love this. Just listen and it will all make perfect sense.

Terry’s Paradise Website
Terry’s Paradise at Facebook

Next something quite different, but equally wonderful. Michigan-based Via Mardot led by Olivia Mainville released their self-titled EP on the 25th of February. A bit of classic vibes here too, but instead of doo-wop this takes influence from 60s french pop and spaghetti westerns. Here’s the gorgeous opening track Stand. Listen to / buy the whole EP from their Bandcamp.

Via Mardot at Facebook

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