OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #89

Another week, another weekly playlist.

This little playlist reached 300 followers last week, which was nice. No idea how many listen to this regularly, but still nice to see that number slowly rising. It makes a bit more sense to spend a large chunk of my every weekend into this, if someone other than just myself is listening to this. I’ll definitely continue at least until 100 episodes, but most likely even further than that. As long as I enjoy making this I suppose.

The huge album release this week is the long-waited new Christian Lee Hutson album. If this blog / world still exists at the end of 2020, you’ll find this one from a high spot on my albums of the year list. There’s plenty of other things to love as well. Anna Tivel released solo acoustic version of her 2019 treasure The Question and the new ones from Jaime Wyatt and Starpainter are big faves as well. Other great new albums came from Nat Vazer, Teddy Thompson, Mike and the Moonpies, Libby Rodenbough, Nicole Atkins, 2nd Grade, Dominic Angelella, Jake Blount and Sweet Whirl. Then there’s also new EPs from Molly Parden, Esther Rose, Steady Habits and Mia Rago.

The new singles from Rock Siltanen and Veli are my favorite new Finnish songs, but there’s also great single cuts from Litku Klemetti and Joensuu 1685. There’s also a song from the sweet surprise EP from Rami Vierula.

As for international singles, there’s was plenty to love and be excited about. I couldn’t even fit all interesting ones here, because this is already longer than anyone wants to listen. The new single Breath from Robert Chaney took my breath away as did the one by Dylan Rodrigue. Some other big faves were the new brilliant singles from Courtney Marie Andrews, Kathryn Legendre (there’s two so check out the other one too), Joshua Ray Walker, Tommy Alexander, Dolly Valentine (also two new singles), Trummors, Brigid Mae Power, Megan Palmer, Kyle Nix, Abby Hamilton, El Obo and so forth. There was so much quality songs that I wanted to squeeze everything at the top of the playlist, but in the end I had to just throw them in there rather randomly. So there’s definitely plenty of treasures at the end of this too.

That’s it for the release round up of the week. I hope you are all safe and sound. Love from a distance.

1. Christian Lee Hutson – Atheist (Beginners, Anti- Records, 2020)
2. Robert Chaney – Breath (single, 2020)
3. Anna Tivel – Two Strangers (acoustic) (The Question – Live and Alone, Fluff & Gravy Records, 2020)
4. Jaime Wyatt – Just a Woman (Neon Cross, New West Records, 2020)
5. Kathryn Legendre – One Long Sad Song (single, Shotgun House Records, 2020)
6. Joshua Ray Walker – Boat Show Girl (single, State Fair Records, 2020)
7. Courtney Marie Andrews – It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault (single, Loose Music / Fat Possum, 2020)
8. Leah Senior – With or Without Me (single, Flightless, 2020)
9. Nat Vazer – Like Demi (Is This Offensive and Loud? Hotel Motel Records, 2020)
10. Dylan Rodrigue – First Time for Everything (single, 2020)
11. Tommy Alexander – I Blame Myself (single, 2020)
12. Veli – Keep Myself from Falling Down (single, Evil Veli Recordings, 20209
13. Rock Siltanen – Tulevaisuus ei oo sitä mitä se oli (single, Joteskii Groteskii, 2020)
14. Starpainter – Grocery Store (Bury Me by My Family, 2020)
15. Dolly Valentine – My Astrology (single, Holy Golden Music, 2020)
16. Katy Kirby – Tap Twice (single, Keeled Scales, 2020)
17. Brigid Mae Power – Wearing Red That Eve (single, Fire Records, 2020)
18. Trummors – Silver City Blues (single, Ernest Jenning Record Co, 2020)
19. Megan Palmer – Kite (single, 2020)
20. Molly Parden – Who Did You Leave For Me (290520, Tone Tree, 2020)
21. Kyle Nix – Graves (single, Soundly Music, 2020)
22. Mike & The Moonpies – Life’s a Game (Touch of You – The Lost songs of Gary Stewart, Prairie Rose Music, 2020)
23. Michelle Billingsley – Mom Jeans (single, Western Myth Records, 2020)
24. Esther Rose – I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You) (My Favorite Mistakes EP, Father / Daughter Records, 2020)
25. Teddy Thompson – Record Player (Heartbreaker Please, Chalky Sounds, 2020)
26. Holy Hive – Broom (Float Back To You, Big Crown Records, 2020)
27. Three Sinseers – What’s His Name (single, Colemine Records, 2020)
28. El Obo – The General King (And I) (single, Favorite Gentleman, 2020)
29. 2nd Grade – Something That I’ll Have to Remember (Hit To Hit, Double Double Whammy Records, 2020)
30. Dominic Angelella – Multicolored Denim Suit (Poison River, Lame-O Records, 2020)
31. Abby Hamilton – Fast (single, 2020)
32. Sweet Whirl – How to Count (How Much Works, Chapter Music, 2020)
33. Libby Rodenbough – Gatekeeper (Spectacle of Love, Sleepy Cat Records, 2020)
34. Nicole Atkins – Never Going Home Again (Italian Ice, Single Lock Records, 2020)
35. Annie Dressner – Pretend (single, 2020)
36. Charley Crockett – Welcome to Hard Times (single, Son of Davy, 2020)
37. Julian Taylor – Ballad of a Young Troubadour (single, Howling Turtle, 2020)
38. Steady Habits – Borrowed Time (Hold In Your Breath EP, 2020)
39. Jake Blount – The Angels Done Bowed Down (Spider Tales, Free Dirt Records, 2020)
40. Orville Peck – No Glory in the West (single, Sub Pop Records, 2020)
41. Matthew Paige – The Same Boat (single, Cafe Rooster Records, 2020)
42. Cinder Well – Wandering Boy (single, Free Dirt Records, 2020)
43. The Deer – Acid Wash (single, Keeled Scales, 2020)
44. Baja – Valentine (single, 2020)
45. Jess Cornelius – Kitchen Floor (single, 2020)
46. Fast Romantics – Pick It Up (single, Postward Records, 2020)
47. Bright Eyes – One and Done (single, Dead Oceans, 2020)
48. Joensuu 1685 – Light in the Heart of Our Town (single, Svart Records, 2020)
49. Rami Vierula – Älä mene liian kauas (Kasetilla EP, 2020)
50. Litku Klemetti – Topsipuikolla aivoon (single, Luova Records, 2020)
51. Mia Rago – Tension (A Sea of Darkness EP, 2020)
52. Grace Gillespie – HUH (single, 2020)
53. Skullcrusher – Day of Show (Secretly Canadian, 2020)
54. Nathan Ma – Blue Bird (single, 2020)
55. Goodnight Texas – Moonshiners (Slight Return) (A Pair EP / single, 2020)
56. Bowerbirds – High Rise (single, 2020)
57. Julie Arsenault – Prochoice (The Creature that I Call Myself Extended, Son Canciones, 2020)
58. Michael C. Duguay – Caesura (Tragicalia Pt 1, So Sorry Records, 2020)
59. Yee & O’Brien – The Valley (single, 2020)
60. Leif Vollebekk – The Rest (Acoustic) (single, 2020)

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If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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