Twain, Damien Jurado, Sea Below and Junior

Another small round of songs and releases that I love. First a new Twain album that is always something to love and cherish. Days of Effort and Ease came out on the 19th of June and you’ll find it from Bandcamp. Here’s the quietly exceptional opening song Love, Go Lightly.

Twain at Facebook

The same applies to Damien Jurado. A new album is always a treasure vault of beautiful and moving songs. His wonderful new album What’s New, Tomboy? was co-released by Mama Bird Recording Co and Loose Music on the 1st of May. Here’s my own favorite song Ochoa, but make sure you listen to / buy the whole amazing album.

Damien Jurado at Facebook
Damien Jurado Website

A long time readers of this little music blog might remember German folk singer-songwriter Susanne Stanglow who released captivating albums as Haruko. The good news is that she is again releasing new music. This time under the name Sea Below. The first release, a beautiful EP called Sleeplessness came out on Bandcamp on the 6th of May. Here’s softly mesmerizing What’s Left from the new EP.

Sea Below at Facebook

Wrapping this little round up of songs and releases that I love in Missoula, Montana. If you followed the anniversany online festival of this music blog last September, you have heard this gorgeous song called Goddamnit. Back then it was performed by Hermina Jean who has since formed a band with Caroline Keys, Jenny Lynn Fawcett. Together they are called Junior and Goddamnit is the first single from their forthcoming album Warm Buildings. Check out the beautiful socially distanced music video below and pre-order the album from their Bandcamp.

Junior at Facebook

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